Our olive groove

For centuries, Tuscan farmers have been growing olives to produce some of the world’s finest olive oil. 


My name is Martina and I am a member of the Nerozzi family and Podere Fornacelle Extra Virgin Olive Oil is our family business together with the incoming tour operator Bespoke Tuscany.

Podere Fornacelle is located in Pistoia, the home of Tuscan olive oil and now recognized as the No.1 region in the world for the highest quality extra virgin olive oil.

We are really passionate about:

family – yours and ours

producing world-class olive oil

you having an exceptional experience with us.


Our family, of four active generations, are passionate about farming and its respectful relationship with nature. It is our greatest joy to share with you what motivates us and what we have learned, along the way.

Visit us for a walk in the olive groove, book an awarded tour on our surrounding area, or order some of our oils via email.

Also feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

I hope we will have the chance to meet you in person.